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London Out!

Day 39- Thursday August 9, 2012

Hurray for study days! Today I woke up in time for breakfast, quickly ate, and ran off to my last discussion of my time at LSE. It went by pretty fast. We had two quick presentations and then Alyson gave us some time to ask questions. We were out of class ten minutes early and I headed straight to the library to study. I did a pretty good job of going through my outlines from the day before and adding in more concrete details and names and dates of notable economists and political scientists’ theories. I made a total of three essay outlines- one for basic economic development in the political international economy, another for the green revolution based on Sen’s theories of capabilities and endowments, and another on poverty and agricultural development in regards to famine and the importance of good governance and institutions. I started to do an outline on the ISI-EOI debate, but I ran out of time (and money on my LSE printing card) so I just reviewed it in depth. By then it was 4pm, my brain was dead and I was burnt out. I just wanted everything to be over so I could go to France.

I went home, made lunch, and gave my friend Jason all of the food I had left over. I packed my bag with my notes and my reader and headed over to Earl’s court to watch the women’s semi-final volleyball game. It was Brazil vs. Japan, and the winner of the game would go onto the gold medal match. My ticket told me to get to the arena two hours early to prepare for security, but it ended up being way too much time. There was no line at all to get my travel card from the ticket office and security lines were very fast. I was through and into the arena within 15 minutes of getting to Earl’s court. It was incredibly easy and the British military were running the security lines and they were so friendly. When I got into Earl’s Court, they actually were still preparing the stadium for people to go inside, so I couldn’t even sit down at my seat when I got there. I walked around for a bit, but they hadn’t set up very much to look and browse through. I took a bunch of pictures and then sat down and emailed Priya, who helped me check into my flight. When I finally got to my seat, I was one of the first in the stadium and I had pretty good seats and a great view of the court.  I attempted to a bit of reviewing there, but shortly after I sat down, the crowd host announcer was already talking and putting on a show. They had these screens in the middle of the court that showed Olympic highlights from the week and Volleyball 101 for people who didn’t know anything about the game.

So I didn’t get very much done, but I enjoyed the match! Brazil won all three matches, and it would have been nice if Japan had won at least one match. It might have prolonged the game more and would have made my 75 pound ticket last a bit longer. The crowd was full of Brazilians who were going crazy! My view was partially blocked because of a pole, so they moved me into the athletes section! It was awesome! I had a great seat and people in my section were on the screen a few times. They did this hilarious thing where they would zoom in on different people in the audience and have them in a frame with bongos with a drum track in the background. They would have to pretend to play the bongos and it was actually really funny!

By the time I got back home, I was exhausted and I still wasn’t completely packed. I spent the rest of my night packing and watching three episodes of Arrested Development and reviewed a bit of my notes before going to bed.

Day 40- Friday August 10, 2012

Final Day! I woke up this morning, somewhat regretting my decision the night before to watch Arrested Development instead of studying more, but my brain was so burnt out. I woke up quite early, at 7am to shower, head down to breakfast and get to my final room early. I sat outside for about 45 minutes before the final started just reviewing my notes and going over my essay outlines with my classmates. I was incredibly nervous just sitting waiting to open the exam and read the questions. I was praying that there would be something in the test that I knew about, that I had prepared for.

When the clock turned to 9am, I opened the exam booklet and read over each essay question, trying to figure out which one I knew the most about. Luckily, the first two were a bit of combinations of my prepared outlines, so I had to do some shifting, but it worked out! I’m so incredibly glad that I reviewed ISI-EOI because I used it in my second essay. I was writing up until the last minute, and once again went through another pen. It was the biggest relief to be done with my final with studying during my summer and with LSE. It was a wonderful summer, but I’m so incredibly glad to be done.

Although my classmates were heading to the pub for a drink to celebrate (it was noon), I was going to meet up with Sabine to say goodbye. I stopped in right after my final, but she wasn’t there, so I went to the LSE student store to snag a bumper sticker for my car. When I got to the cash register, I remembered that I didn’t have my wallet on me, which was only slightly embarrassing. Sabine came back to her office and I talked to her for a good half hour. I told her about my LSE experience, what I liked about it and what I didn’t. I thanked her for pretty much making my experience the best it could be. Sabine’s personal touch made a big difference in motivating me to challenge myself and do well.

I said my goodbyes to Sabine and I went back to my room. I finished cleaning up, and ran into the nice maid who had pretty much cleaned by room for six weeks. She asked me if I needed a new towel, but I told her that I was checking out that day. She hinted at me that if there was anything I wanted to ‘donate’ (to her, pretty much), to put it in the closet. My cowgirl boots that I had worn through the LA winter and the London rain for weeks were just falling apart, and it was time for me to part with them. I left them in the closet along with some contact solution and leftover laundry detergent.

I grabbed lunch with my friend Chris at a pizza place nearby. It took an hour for us to get our food though because they messed up our order and the waitress was not being helpful at all. We finally got our food, and Nathaniel met up with us at the restaurant. We gulfed down our food and Nathaniel and I went back to my dorm room to grab my luggage and head over to the bus stop near Picadilly Circus. I overshot it and I we had to make a big circle lugging my luggage around central London. We finally got on the bus and sat there for about an hour before getting into Chiswick. I ran to the local market to grab some flowers for Nathaniel’s mom and I dropped my big luggage off at Nathan’s house.  I had afternoon tea with Nathaniel’s fam, which was my first proper English teatime since I was in the UK. We watched a bit of the Olympics on TV and I chatted with Nathan’s grandpa who was visiting for the week. They drove me to the Acton Town tube station and I took the Picadilly line to Heathrow. It was overly crowded on the tube- I’m not sure I would have even made it if I had both my suitcases. I had to get on and off the tube at every stop to let people in and out of the train.

I finally got to terminal 5, which was the last stop on the line and finally made it to the airport. I got through security super fast because there wasn’t much of a line and then I walked around the airport for a while, going through all the shops. Its odd that for all flights, they don’t release the gate number until 20 minutes beforehand to centralize people in the main section with all the shops. I was texting Jesse while I was in the airport and he was being so sweet. I could not wait to see him. I miss him so much. We were counting down the hours until I got to see him. I couldn’t believe that two months was coming down to two hours. I watched some of the Olympics on the screens at Heathrow right before boarding.

I didn’t sleep much on the plane. I was too anxious to get to France! I ran through customs when I landed, and since I didn’t check a bag, I ran out to arrivals. I got out and looked around and there was Jesse waiting for me. I hugged him so hard and was crying. It was such a surreal moment because we had been waiting for it for the longest time. I was so happy, so grateful that I was back with Jesse. I pulled myself together to say hello to Jesse’s parents and to meet Karen who was sitting nearby.

We drove for about half an hour to get to Karen’s house and it has so much character and so much personality. Her artwork is everywhere and bright colors just fill the entire house. I didn’t eat dinner and was only slightly hungry so I ate an ice cream bar when I got there. Karen has 3 dogs: Booboon, Muggles and Robert Antoine. They’re so so cute. I’m so glad I finally got to France.

Day 41- Saturday August 11, 2012

I woke up this morning in France! It was already quite hot in the morning, and I had gotten a few mosquito bites during the night. I ate a breakfast of coffee and fresh croissants with Jesse poolside in the backyard and the croissants were so good. They’re from the local bakery just 5 minutes away from Karen’s house. We ate the regular ones with apricot jam. The chocolate ones were already perfect.

We all got ready to head to Valbonne, a nearby village that Jesse and his family had already visited. We made a pit stop in Opio at an olive oil mill that was run by the same family for three generations. We tried all of the olives they had for sampling and they were SO GOOD. Jesse and his family had already been there, so they knew what was good. Jesse’s mom found these cute olive bowls with spots for the toothpicks and the pits, and a bit of me wishes I had bought one. I’m the only one that really eats olives in my house anyways, so it wouldn’t have been very much fun, but they were cute and would have been great for entertaining.

We continued onto Valbonne. The map in the parking lot confused us, so it took a while to find the ATM for me to get Euros. We went to this super cute shop and Debbie, Jesse’s mama, bought these really pretty tea towels for souvenirs and they had these little hedgehog candles and they were just adorable. Jesse offered to buy them for me, but I knew that I would never want to actually burn them and use them. We ate a quick afternoon snack in the town square and the four of us split a pizza and ice cream!

We got back to Karen’s house and helped her get ready for her party. Earlier that day, Jesse and his pops had set up a bunch of tables and chairs in Karen’s backyard and Karen had been cooking since about 8am in the morning. Jesse and I traded gifts. I gave him his belated birthday gifts and he showed me all the stuff that Karen and her daughter Candice had gotten for me. Candice runs her own clothing and accessories company and she makes these beautiful macaron necklaces. Jesse had informed her that they were my favorite, and the necklace she gave me looked so real! They got me a load of other stuff too, but I think the best part of it all was being with Jesse. I gave Karen the scarf I bought for her and hopefully it was turquoise enough for her!

Jesse and I got ready for the party. I wore my multicolored urban maxi dress and Jesse was all dressed up in his suit. We looked quite spiffy. There were so many people at Karen’s party and there was so much food! I was so stuffed. Everyone was really nice and was really patient with my lack of French. Jesse’s dad played guitar for a bit, and it was past midnight when people started leaving. Karen’s family, her daughters’ personal friends and Jesse’s family and I all sat around her living room after the party had ended, just joking about the ridiculous mixture of guests that had come. This one guy that Jesse ended up talking to for a while during the party was supposedly a Scottish spy. He gave Karen these cookies (which were Scottish Oat cakes) but they tasted like cardboard. Ick. The dogs however, loved them and Robert Antoine was so upset when the other dogs got more of the cookies than he did. Jesse got video of the whole thing and we were laughing so hard. We didn’t end up going to bed until about 3am, and we all partied out.

townfulloflosers asked: Hey! I see you're on study abroad in England. What course/school are you in? I might be going to LSE in the fall to study International Relations, and I was wondering if you had anything to say about that area. xx

LSE’s summer program is a bit different than their regular year courses, but I’ve been taking international relations classes and I’ve really enjoyed it! Try to take classes with professors in the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit. Summer school is fast paced though, and I’m sure the masters program is pretty fast as well. I’ve really loved my experience here and I definitely recommend it!

Friday Night FunDay 33- Friday August 3rd, 2012

Sophia came to visit me and we hung out for a bit in my room and watched some South Park. We were just prepping for having to stand for three hours at the Globe later that night. It was such a nice day though, so we went out to Primark and I grabbed Olympics hats for my relatives and a pair of new flats for me!  Since the Marble Arch station was closed and Bond Street is already pretty close to Tottenham Court Road, we walked back home.

We found a little Korean market about a block away from my dorm and went nuts. It was great to be surrounded by real Asian food! I bought a pack of ramen (the good stuff, not cup o’ noodles) and a plate of Korean sushi. Sophia bought maybe 5 packs of ramen, soy sauce, curry and a drink. We were so happy. We went back to Holborn and I gobbled up my sushi super quick. Sophia made herself ramen and we ate like kings.

I showered super quick and then we met up with Chris in the lobby and we were off to the Globe for our midnight showing of the Taming of the Shrew! We got there about 15 minutes before the show started and got pretty decent spots in the Yard (which is standing only right by the stage).  At midnight some drunk guy came up on stage and started peeing everywhere. All the actors came out to see what the issue was, but apparently it was all part of the show. It was really funny! The performance was so entertaining. I really enjoyed it and I had only paid 5 pounds for tickets which wasn’t bad at all. It was particularly difficult standing for 3 hours though and my legs were dead afterwards. The actors did a wonderful job and it was definitely a great London experience.

 I got back at my dorm at 3:30 am and I set my alarm to be up at 6:50 am to head out to Cambridge the next day.

Day 34- Saturday August 4th, 2012 - Cambridge

It was so hard waking up in the morning to catch the train and bus to Cambridge but I had already paid for the trip and I sure wasn’t going to miss it. I dragged my butt out of bed, ate a breakfast of yogurt and granola and headed out. I got to the bus and people said they would be there in 10 minutes, but it was 8:30am and they still weren’t there. The bus was supposed to leave at 8am. The tour guide and the bus driver were committed to being on schedule so they just left. I passed out on the bus and my friend Kelsey woke me up about 5 minutes before we got off the bus. Although I’ve passed through the English countryside for three trips, I have yet to actually see any of it since I’ve slept through it all.

We passed by punters on the river Cam and it was rather picturesque. Punting looks super hard and I’m glad I didn’t try it. I would just embarrass myself. We walked around town and got a nice tour around the colleges and the market. Kelsey and I went back to Pembroke College and walked around there. It was really pretty and we ate lunch in the gardens. We passed by the library and then it started pouring really hard. When the rain lightened up a bit, we left Pembroke and went to the Zoology Museum where they had a ton of specimens and stuff. The highlight of it was getting to see three of Darwin’s finches. By the time we were done, it stopped raining. We walked around another Cambridge biology/archaeology museum just across the street and then it was time to meet with the group again to enter King’s college. I grabbed a loaf of Sourdough olive bread at the market beforehand and ate about half of it right there.            

King’s College is so pretty! The gothic cathedral was beautiful and completely covered with massive stained glass windows.  Oh on a side note, Cambridge was completely packed this weekend. There were so many tourists, especially Chinese students. It was so hard to get pictures without other people in them. We walked around the grounds and by the river where we saw people punting. There were also cows grazing on grass just across the river. King’s College is pretty, but its kind of small. There are only about 200 undergraduate students but it’s the most prestigious.

After walking around King’s college, we got back on the bus and headed home. I was so hungry when I got back and I made myself some food. Yasar came to visit me and we had the biggest heart to heart. I’m so incredibly honored and appreciative that he trusts me enough to tell me about his life.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have anything without him or Sophia either. Coming to London, I pretty much had no one, no sort of UCLA support here. My first two weeks alone in London was really hard. I had a tough time transitioning, but I’m so incredibly grateful to have had them constantly visiting me. Our weekend adventures completely turned my attitude about studying abroad completely turned around. They have been the best support group I could ever have in London. And Jesse made it to France! Finally!

Day 35- Sunday August 5th, 2012

I spent most of today in the library. I woke up at about 10:30am, showered because I was too lazy and tired to the night before, and then went down to breakfast with Yasar. I accidentally ate too much (typical), and then I watched an episode of Arrested Development while Yasar went back to sleep. I left for the library and said goodbye to Yasar. Its kind of crazy to think that this is my last weekend in London. It’s a little sad I’m spending it in the library, but I’ve got to get some studying done. I stayed in the library until it closed at 9pm. I finished the second draft of my essay, and then went home. I ate some food, watched some more Arrested Development (I’m on a binge), and went to bed. 

Day 36 to 38- Monday August 6th, 2012- Wednesday August 8th, 2012 

Once again, my days have blended together. On Monday, I talked to my Professor about a new framework I had for my essay that I had thought of in class that day. Rather than just focusing on my topics the way I did, I shifted it to look more at how the World Bank’s methods for rural development and poverty reduction were less prone to conflict than more political methods, which in turn would be better for the developing nation. I spoke to Professor Forsyth about it and he actually told me that my first paper, the version he had read and given me feedback on was “not bad at all”. He could have said that in the email rather than ‘passable’. It would have given me a lot more self-confidence and I wouldn’t have loathed him as much this weekend.

Monday evening after class, I went to hang out with my friend Phil for a bit before I headed out of the country later the week. Phil studied abroad at UCLA the year before last and was on radio with me. He’s working in London now at ESPN. We walked around Hyde Park and that area, and got to see the big screens at the BT Live place. It was really nice getting to see him again before I left England and I won’t see him again for another year at the very least.

I tweaked my essay finished it before lecture on Tuesday and printed it out then. After class that same day, I started studying for the final and prepared an outline for a potential essay topic before my contact fell out because it was so dry. At that point, I decided it was time to go home.

Today I went to class, turned in my essay and started studying for my final. I’m super excited because I got to skype Jesse last night. I’m so excited to see him so so soon.  Three days from now I will be done with my final and at the airport waiting to go to Nice!

The past few days

Days 31-33: July 31 to August 2nd

These past few days have really blurred together to be honest. I’ve lived in the library. My paper is due next Wednesday, but I did a large chunk of it over these days. My daily routine has been to skype Jesse when I wake up, go to breakfast, go to discussion and then head straight to the library. I’d grab a quick lunch right before class starts and following class, I went right back to the library until 10 or 11pm. 

A few highlights I guess- Thursday the 2nd was my best day this week. I finished the first draft of my essay before lecture ended, and then my classmates and I went to Primark on Oxford street. I grabbed an Olympics shirt for my neighbor and a few other things. I ate at a Lebanese restaurant with my friend Nathan and then we walked around the food halls of Selfridges and Marks and Spencers, which actually was a lot of fun. I walked back home and just hung out and watched TV. 

I also recently found out that I aced my last class at LSE. It was incredibly reassuring that I could do well here, but I’m very cautious about my confidence. This current course is a lot different and I don’t feel like I grasp the concepts as well as I did in my last class. 

Day 33- Friday August 3rd, 2012

Today has been incredibly relaxed so far. I didn’t have class today, but I still woke up early to Skype Jesse the last time before he flew off to France! Its going to be AMAZING being on the same continent. Rather than an 8 hour time difference, there’s only 1! I went down to breakfast, ate too much per usual, and then continued to skype Jesse until he was done packing. I slept for another hour and then got ready. I met with my professor from my last course, Sabine, for abou 20 minutes to just check in and chat with her again before I left. She gave me a lot of reassurance that I would be okay in my new class and we just talked for a while. I feel incredibly lucky to have had her as a professor. She is so supportive and constructive. At 1pm, I went to the NAB because LSE asked me to be in their promo material for when they do tours in America. We got our picture taken and got free snacks which was great. I came back to my room and have been recapping on the Olympics and hanging out since. I’m tempted to look over my essay, but I feel like my brain just needs a break before I edit it. I need to clear my head before I dive back into studying. I’m going to see the Taming of the Shrew tonight with Sophia and Chris, so I’m going to sit on my butt all day to be ready for standing for the entire play. 

A bit of me is tired of studying in general, but mostly because I feel like my essay was inadequate. Its hard knowing that you still have a lot of work to do. I’m more than ready to be done with class and jet off to Nice. Its only in a week, so it’ll go by fast. However, there’s a lot I have to do before then.

See So Much Clearer

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Day 27- Friday July 27th, 2012

Thank goodness for the end of the week. This week felt like forever, but somehow it also felt like it went by way too fast as well. I have two more weeks left in London which is incredibly scary to think about, but it also means I am two weeks away from being reunited with Jesse! We talked about trade and investment in our discussion today and I was slightly zoned out, but not by too much. I went home for my break and headed to Primark on Oxford street to grab another Olympics shirt for my dad. I ended up grabbing gifts for a few other friends too. After I had walked around the store, I bought my clothes and headed back to Holborn. I made myself a quick lunch, and then went back to class. Professor Forsyth discussed rural development today and we got to watch a ton of videos which is always interesting and fun. I also like his ridiculously sarcastic commentary that comes along with it. 

After class, I met up with Tahl, his friend Michael, Jason and Matt and we headed out to Victoria Park to try and watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the big screens there. We got to the park and it was packed. The line to get in was ridiculous. We were there two hours early and the line to get in wrapped around the outside of the park. I was pretty bummed that we had taken the tube all the way out here to try and see the opening ceremony and we wouldn’t even be able to get in. We were talking to one of the security guards and a lady happened to mention there being another big screen at another park. We decided to go for it, even though it was just a rumor. After getting terrible directions from multiple people, we finally got there after about half an hour of walking. Thankfully, they did have a big screen! It felt more like a locals park, and we were pretty much the only Americans there. I broke down my old primark bag and sat on it while I ate my dinner I brought with me. We were pretty close to the screen which was awesome! The ceremony started and it was so much fun to watch it with a ton of other people. The Brits would cheer at the most random things, and watching the queen skydive out of a helicopter with James Bond definitely made them go wild. When the youth/social media part came on, everyone was singing along and dancing. I think my favorite part of the opening ceremony was the forging of the olympic rings. And Mr. Bean of course. And David Beckham looking super slick driving the boat. The parade of athletes took forever, and Jason, Matt and I played a game where we tried to guess which country would come next. When the US came out, we went a little nuts. It got really cold, but we stayed until the end when Paul McCartney played. We were out in East London, so we actually were able to see the fireworks in the sky at the end! As we walked away, we could hear London singing along to “Hey Jude” and it just echoed. It was an incredible experience and probably the best way to experience the Olympic opening ceremony.

Day 28- Saturday July 28, 2012

Today was Jesse’s birthday! I was so sad that I wasn’t able to celebrate his big 21st with him in the States. I miss him so much! I woke up at the crack of dawn to visit Stonehenge and Bath today with LSE. I got up at 6:15am (which was way too early because I didn’t get back to my room until 2am the night before) and went to Lancaster Gate Station to pick up the bus. I grabbed a pastry at Sainsburys right before I got onto the tube and I was pretty sad I missed breakfast. I was so tired the entire time that I managed to sleep for the duration of the bus ride. I got 5 hours of sleep on the bus in total. It was kind of amazing and ridiculous at the same time. 

Our first stop was Bath, which was absolutely beautiful and quaint. We went to the Roman Bath ruins and got to explore inside. Its amazing how much history is there, and I especially liked seeing the excavated parts. I got to drink some of the spring water! It was hot and a little salty. We went on a short walking tour with our guide and he showed us a lot of the stories of how the town was built and talked a lot about the architecture. I even got to see Johnny Depp’s home! Kelsey and I went to a few markets on our free time. She got a vintage hat at an antique market, and I just browsed. We headed back to meet up with our tour group and got back on the bus to go to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge was pretty cool and we had the perfect amount of time there. It was enough for me to take pictures and sit on the grass and just look at it. I’m really glad I went to see it. We couldn’t get up close, but it was still a worthy experience. 

We headed back to London and when I got back, I headed to Primark (again I know) to try and switch Jesse’s shirt. However, they ran out of his size and I talked to him and he said that he would be fine with the shirt I already got him (in his actual size). I walked back to Tottenham Court Road and dropped by Tesco to buy a few groceries. I made dinner because I was starving and hung out with Tahl, Michael and Yasar until they went out.

Day 29- Sunday July 29, 2012

I once again had to wake up early, but today, I went to Oxford. Overall, I thought today’s tour was really unorganized and a bit of a shit show. I got to Camden Town station at 8:00am and the tour guide wasn’t even here yet. We didn’t board the bus until maybe half an hour later, which is half an hour I could have slept, or even gotten a proper breakfast. When the tour guide said that we were only going to Oxford, half of the group complained to him because our itinerary said that we were also going to the Cotswolds, which is a village area outside Oxford. After many people complained, our tour guide changed our schedule and meeting times (for the second time) so that we could visit one of the villages in the Cotswolds. 

During our free time in the middle of the day, Rohan and I went to New College, which is one of the 38 colleges that make up Oxford University. New College is so pretty! Its so weird to think that people go to school there, but I’m sure that people probably say the same about UCLA. We walked through the courtyard area where they filmed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, specifically the scene where Mad Eye turns Malfoy into a ferret. We walked through the cathedral, got to see the dining hall before they closed it off to the public, and walked through their gardens. You could see part of the old medieval Oxford wall on their grounds too. It was absolutely beautiful. We ate lunch in town and then it started raining. We gathered with our tour group outside the Ashmolean museum and made our way over to the Christ Church, one of the largest colleges in Oxford. Even though they said large, it was only about 400 undergraduate students, which is pretty small to me. When we got there, the line to get in was super long and I was pretty upset that we had spent so much time just standing outside the Ashmolean when we could have just gone inside the college early. Our tour guide was just dumb and kept running off to try to check if we could get in, and I just gathered a group of LSE students and kind of kept cutting the line until we got to the front. He didn’t do a very good job of keeping the group together. We spent maybe 45 minutes inside and got to walk through the dining hall which they used in Harry Potter as the Hogwarts dining hall! We walked through the Chapel which is also a cathedral. Our tour guide saw how crowded it was and decided to go out the entrance way without our entire group in tow. About half the group was missing.

When we got back to the bus, it was 3:15pm and we were supposed to leave for Cotswolds at 3. There were still a ton of people missing and the last group of people didn’t get on the bus until almost 4, which means they were an entire hour late. I can understand if someone legitimately got lost because I’ve been in that situation before, but the girl that was in the group that was last to come back had a hot cornish pastry in her hand. If you’re lost and trying to look for the bus, you’re not going to have hot food. She didn’t even feel sorry which is what pissed me off the most. Because of all the late people, we weren’t able to go to Cotswolds and went straight back to London instead. I did a little bit of reading and then Sophia came to visit me before she had to head back to Sussex. I said my goodbyes to Tahl and Michael and I went to bed.

Day 30- Monday July 30, 2012

This morning I went to discussion 10 minutes early to try and hash out my essay with my TA. I got a bit of structure help, but ultimately decided to switch one of my topics. During my break, I went home and somehow managed to stalk the Olympics site until I got tickets to an event! I’ll be seeing the women’s semi-finals Volleyball game next Thursday! It’ll be my reward for all the hard work and studying I’ve done in preparation for my final (which will be the next day). I’m so excited that I get to go see a game! 

I went to Carphone Warehouse, topped up my phone right before I went to class. Professor Forsyth was kind of out of it today and the lecture was mehh. He even apologized. I still thought it was pretty interesting, but not as interesting as his other lectures. During class, I also found out that I got an A in my last class! I was really excited. We got out of class 15 minutes early and I called my mom to tell her all of the good news! I’ve been living in the library ever since doing reading, but I’m done and its time to go home, eat dinner and skype Jesse!

Peter Pan statue in Kensington Park

Peter Pan statue in Kensington Park



Tube Station

Tube Station

Big Ben and Parliament at night

Big Ben and Parliament at night

Southbank, London

Southbank, London

National Theater

National Theater


Out in Soho with Yasar

Out in Soho with Yasar

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios

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